William Lane Craig (left) and
Lawrence Krauss on stage
in Melbourne
I never thought that I would live to see William Lane Craig beaten in a debate with an Unbeliever; but tonight (16 August 2013) I saw him outgunned by Lawrence Krauss.

The moderated discussion in the Melbourne Town Hall was packed to the back and it was a thrilling night. Bill spoke first with his usual style and closely reasoned arguments. It was WLC at his best and I cringed at the thought of Lawrence having to handle such a strong presentation.

But when it was LMK's turn to speak we were treated to a devastating barrage of blockbuster points one after another that never seemed to end.

The moderated discussion afterwards was poorly moderated by someone who hardly spoke a word and at times looked as if he was reading a newspaper. The two protagonists tore into each other unrelentingly; but WLC sensed that he was fighting a losing battle and before long Krauss had taken over the evening.

In one sense there was nothing new in the points made. It was the dazzling new style of Krauss that amazed me. He'd done his homework, learned from his losses to WLC in the past and lifted his game substantially.

Nevertheless, Bill did well and acquitted himself with his usual dignity. He was firm, but respectful to Lawrence; his keen intelligence added considerable depth to the scintillating discussion. I only wish that the discussion had lasted into the early hours of the morning. It was superb.

Lunch with Lawrence Krauss AND Surprise Guest - William Lane Craig!

Lawrence Krauss and John Bedson
Earlier in the day, the lunch with Lawrence Krauss that we arranged for readers of this blog went amazingly well. Lawrence's plane was delayed by high winds, so our party faced a long wait at the restaurant. However when we were shown to our table we found that by pure coincidence, William Lane Craig and his wife Jan were seated at the very next table! We quickly introduced ourselves and had a great time. I had never met WLC before and I found him to be a charming and delightful person with a good sense of humour. We got on well.

Lawrence showed up later and a brilliant meal and discussion followed.

It ranged over a very wide variety of subjects, including the nature of space beyond the edge of our universe, what existed before our Space-time began, the way in which believers selectively suspend rational thinking when considering religious matters and then switch it back on again to deal with other areas of their lives and many other subjects.

Lawrence quickly warmed to our company and I suspect that the premium Tasmanian beer we bought him might have added to his confident style in the evening debate.

His new film "The Unbelievers" staring himself and Richard Dawkins premiers in Sydney in September and I have agreed to finance a presentation in Melbourne either soon afterwards or simultaneously. More details soon as to where it will be shown in Melbourne.


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