John has been put
in his rightful place
by Arthur Simpson!
Contributed by Arthur Simpson

I've been reading John since the start of this year and I have noted that he has often challenged Christadelphians to write an article demonstrating where he is wrong. To date no one has taken him up on his challenge. I think that it is time that one of us put him in his place and that is what I propose to do right now. John has kindly agreed to publish my article unedited. I invite your comments on what I am about to write and I encourage others to take John up on his offer and blitz this website with the Truth.

Here are some of my reasons for saying that John is wrong:

1. Evidence of design is evidence of something and that something does coincide with what Christadelphians are saying is the purpose of this world. I accept that there is powerful evidence in favour of Evolution and I myself believe that Evolution by Natural Selection is the correct solution to the origin of life, the origin of species and the origin of man. But that does not alter the fact that such Evolution was the product of the natural physical laws of our Universe and those laws show abundant evidence of design and not of random chaos. John cannot answer this obvious fact. He asks for empirical evidence and he mocks us that we have none to support our case. I can give him mountains of empirical evidence and this is my first atom bomb of empirical evidence to blow up his website. We live in a Universe that is tuned for life and John must explain why that is the case.

2. Despite John's endless rambling about life on Mars, the cold hard fact is that such evidence of past life on that planet has NOT been found after years of searching by unmanned robots from the US. We know that life on Earth originated almost immediately our planet was cool enough to sustain fresh water and life. Mars had such conditions for at least a billion years and possibly much longer. Where are the fossils on Mars? Where are the Stromatolites? Where are the Trilobites? Despite searching on the floors of ancient lakes and rivers on Mars for over a decade, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity have found NOTHING! How come life sprang into existence immediately on Earth but over billions of years on Mars nothing happened? This is empirical evidence that John is wrong.

3. Life only originated once on Earth. We know from genetic evidence that all life is descended from only one single primitive cell. Why? If life springs into existence so readily; how come it did not originate ten million different times on Earth over the past 4.45 billion years? This may not be direct evidence of creation; but it is empirical evidence that something very weird has happened on our planet. Christadelphian beliefs are "weird." We believe some extraordinary things. Is it any surprise that our supporting evidence is "weird" and unexplainable by any other solution than the one that we propose?

4. The Bible is unique. Other Holy Books are often copied from the Bible. The existence and preservation of the Bible IS empirical evidence. I accept that there are thousands of errors and contradictions, faulty science and questionable morality in the Bible. But there are also many gaps in scientific understanding and John does not feel any obligation to explain them all, as the Bible apologetics do. The Bible paints with a broad paintbrush in an effort to preserve its timeless message. It is NOT a detailed photograph; it is an impressionistic painting. Mankind can take from it what they want and view it in whatever way they feel comfortable. That is part of its genius. I don't care about the errors in the Bible. I assume that inspiration does NOT work as our Statement of Faith presupposes. Obviously we are wrong and modern science has shown that we are wrong. Inspiration must work on a deeper level that ignores detail in an effort to achieve a wider appeal.

5. I accept John's argument, (backed up with substantial evidence and logic) that the prophecies about Israel do NOT apply to the modern day State of Israel. There is no indication whatsoever in the original prophecies that they applied to anything other than the post Babylonian exile return to Judea. All of the other mass of detail in those prophecies has NOT been fulfilled in our own times and to me this is convincing evidence that John is right that we have witnessed a coincidence of history and nothing more. We are being dishonest to attempt to shoehorn those prophecies into current day events where they clearly do not belong. Nevertheless John cannot explain the preservation of the Jews to this time; irrespective of their recent return to the land of Israel. If Tel Aviv is nuked by the Iranians tomorrow and Israel ceases to exist, the Jews will continue to exist as a witness to the truth of the Bible. We make a big mistake trying to explain the "Signs of the Times" using ancient Iron Age prophecies that are clearly irrelevant to what is happening in the Middle East today. Step back and look at the broader picture and it all becomes clear. Why has the Bible been preserved? Why are the Jews still with us? This IS empirical evidence; not speculation or hearsay.

6. John claims that Homo Sapiens came from a common ancestor with the Chimpanzee only five million years ago. This is the commonly accepted scientific view. I accept his argument. But my point is this: Five million years cannot be enough time for the Evolution of the massive intellectual ability of Homo sapiens. We have the intelligence to work out Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, fly to Mars and grow new human organs from stem cells. John said in one of his recent articles that humans had that same cerebral processing power thirty two thousand years ago. Anthropologists say that we had that exact same intelligence one hundred and fifty thousand years ago when we came out of Africa. How come we evolved a vast intelligence that we DID NOT NEED? How smart do you have to be to chase a Mammoth, throw a spear or sharpen a stone axe? Why did Evolution develop the most remarkable thing in the known Universe (the human brain) when Natural Selection and the environment was NOT required to select for it? This is further empirical evidence that something remarkable is happening on this planet and that things are not as straightforward as the Christadelphian Atheists would have us believe.

I could go on to make many more points like this. However I don't like long articles so I will stop typing now and give you all a chance to read it. Perhaps John will let me write some follow up articles if you thank me in the comments below to show your support for what I am trying to do to oppose these Christadelphian Atheists.
Editor's Note: That was a fantastic article Arthur. Yes, you are welcome to write a follow up article. I'll reply after I have thought about your words.

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