A Parable

There is a parable about a tractor salesman who visited a farm where the old farmer was still using an aging horse to pull his plough. After the salesman demonstrated the many benefits of using a tractor to pull the famer's plough, the farmer ordered a new tractor. Several weeks later the salesman called to see if the farmer was pleased with his purchase. To his surprise he found that his new customer was not pleased. "That new tractor's too heavy" the farmer complained. "My old horse can't pull both the tractor and the plough."

I think that Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists are making the same mistake. Instead of fully accepting Evolution as the explanation of how species came to be, they have hitched their new tractor of Evolution to the old horse of Divine Creation. The result is an absurd and unworkable hybrid that leaves them open to ridicule.

Here at Christadelphian Atheism we have found a more elegant solution. We adopted the heuristic of Occam's Razor and shot the old horse of Creationism and ploughed with the tractor of Evolution alone.

Evolutionary Creationism Defined

Evolutionary Creationism or Theistic Evolutionism is the view that religious teachings about God and Creation are compatible with modern scientific understanding about biological evolution. Evolutionary Creationism is not a scientific theory, but a range of views about how the science of Evolution relates to religious beliefs. Supporters of Evolutionary Creationism generally reject the conflict thesis regarding the relationship between religion and science – that is, they hold that religious teachings about creation and scientific theories of Evolution need not contradict.

Evolutionary Creationists differ from Theistic Evolutionists in that Evolutionary Creationists place Evolution as the primary agent in the process, with God merely using Evolution as part of his broader plan. Theistic Evolutionists believe that God actively guided the process of Evolution. In other words, God is in control of Evolution; which Evolutionary Creationists deny.

Theistic Evolution is widely accepted in Christianity, especially amongst Catholics where it is official Church teaching. It is also taught by Anglicans. It is mostly rejected by Evangelicals who prefer the Young Earth Creationism theory. Evolutionary Creationism is a rare variant of the theory in Christianity because it practically eliminates God altogether. Evolutionary Creationism is but a heartbeat away from Atheism.

How Christadelphians Deconvert

Deconverting Christadelphians tend to follow a predictable path over the course of many years:

1. They start out as simple minded Young Earth Creationists (YEC) rejecting all science that conflicts the Bible and they ground their faith in Fideism. Approximately 65% of all Christadelphians are YEC Fideists.

2. If they are sufficiently intelligent and if they are not Fideists they accept the evidence of geology that the Earth is billions of years old and become Old Earth Creationists (OEC), but they still reject Evolution.

3. If they are more intelligent and more open to reason and rational thinking than the YEC and OEC Christadelphians they progress to a Theistic Evolutionist position.

4. If they are seriously smart they realise that God did not control Evolution or even Abiogenesis in any way and they adopt Evolutionary Creationism as their belief.

5. If they have any commonsense they then quickly realise that they've got the old horse pulling the tractor; so they shoot the horse, resign from their ecclesia and become Christadelphian Atheists.

Deconverting Christadelphians usually move from Evolutionary Creationism to Christadelphian Atheism as easily as they might download a free app on their IPad. I've been watch a friend make the transformation over the past few weeks and it's like watching a butterfly emerge from its Chrysalis to unfold its beautiful wings to dry in the sunshine before flying away to freedom. It's the most wonderful thing in the World to see the joy of understanding on the face of a Christadelphian when they emerge from Biblical superstition and finally discover the ultimate truth that there is no God.

The Purpose of this Article 

This article is not concerned to discuss points 1-3 above; although Christadelphians who believe 3 might gain some benefit from reading this note and if they are lucky they will be able to skip 4 and trim a few years off their deconversion to the ultimate 5.

Most Christadelphians confuse 3 & 4 and mistakenly think that they are the same thing. For example Christadelphian David Brown in his blog: appears to confuse 3 & 4 together, although he himself favours a 3 belief. He needs to realise that 4 is a more rational position than 3, before he deconverts to 5 in a few years time.

The "Endeavour" magazine Christadelphians appear to be at stage 3.

The "Testimony" magazine seems to be mixed on this matter.

The Logos magazine Ecclesias have dug themselves into the grave of 1. They have made an addition to their Statement of Faith "Doctrines to be Rejected" to outlaw Evolution, geology and much of modern science and made it a matter of fellowship; without consulting the rest of the ecclesias in the Central Fellowship to which they are supposed to belong!

The Christadelphian magazine is currently floundering with weak and talentless leadership from its editor and can't make its mind up what to believe. For example Andrew Bramhill sent this to me recently about these matters:

The Christadelphian Office does not
know what to think about Evolution!
"Thank you John for the suggestion.  We are currently in the early stages of considering how to deal with the subject in the magazine, but are a long way from reaching any decisions. 

 Kind regards


Can you believe that? He can't make his mind up what to do about this vital matter that is deconverting Christadelphian young people in droves!.

If the Christadelphian magazine and CMPA do not know where they are going with this subject, I do. Here are my thoughts on 4:

My Views on Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationism

Christadelphian Evolutionists are on the cusp of becoming Christadelphian Atheists. Their leading thinker and writer is brother Ken Gilmore from Brisbane Australia who authors a blog and a Facebook discussion page on the subject "Evolutionary Creationism - A Christadelphian Perspective."

He also writes at Berea-Portal Forums and at BEREA.

Ken's influence amongst academic and intellectual Christadelphians is steadily growing. I consider that to be an excellent thing because he is doing my work for me and driving Christadelphians towards Atheism; even though that is not his intention. One day Ken is going to make a great Christadelphian Atheist when the vestigial remnants of his orthodox Christadelphianism finally melt away.

Ken's output of articles on the subject of Evolution on his websites is prolific. His exposition of scripture is minimal and is almost exclusively concerned with showing that what the Bible tells us happened never really happened as described and should be interpreted differently.

For example he thinks that much of the Old Testament is hyperbole and that none of it is scientifically accurate. (I agree). His explanation of what he himself believes is also minimal. After reading him extensively and engaging in discussion I am still unclear on what he actually does believe; although to a large extent I do understand what he does not believe. 

He has told me that he thinks that science will solve the problem of Abiogenesis (the origin of life on Earth) without the involvement of God. (I agree). He has told me that he does not believe that God was involved in any way with the evolution of life on Earth. (I agree). In his articles he explains that Homo Sapiens evolved from lower forms of life (I agree) and that they populated the Earth prior to Adam.

It's not clear to me if he thinks that Christ was descended from Adam or from Australopithecus and the other earlier hominids. His theology appears to indicate that the actual ancestry of Christ is irrelevant to his ideas about redemption and salvation. Ken's interpretation of Romans 5:12 appear to me to be quite different to that of the overwhelming majority of Christadelphians and I don't see how it squares with the Central Fellowship Statement of Faith.

Ken Gilmore faces an uncertain
future in the Central Fellowship  :)
In short I am left with the distinct impression that Ken Gilmore has invented an Anglican inspired, parallel world version of Christadelphianism that is to a large extent independent of mainstream thinking and is definitely beyond the bounds of fellowship by the Logos influenced ecclesias and perhaps by most of the Central Fellowship ecclesias. I suspect that this is the reason why he does not explain his theology clearly on his websites.

Not that I care because I am a Christadelphian Atheist and I left all that sort of thing behind me thirty years ago.

If I have inadvertently misrepresented Ken's beliefs on anything (and I probably have) he is most welcome to write in with corrections to this article and I will gladly make the necessary alterations so that we all understand him better. I apologise to him in advance for any misunderstanding of his views; it was not intentional; I would love to understand him better.

I find it difficult to criticise or even argue with Ken and his Christadelphian disciples when they have left mainstream Christadelphian thinking behind, walked up to the door of Christadelphian Atheism and practically bought the place. Indeed one or two or of his followers have already knocked on the front door, walked inside, sat down and drank a cup of tea and discussed the timing of their resignations from the Central Fellowship with me.

There is no way that I am going to fall out with Christadelphians like that who will soon be writing on this website. I call them the "New Christadelphians" because they call us the "New Atheists" which is not strictly accurate because we are really Christadelphian Atheists. We are Christadelphians who have rejected the idea of God.

Nevertheless for the short time before the New Christadelphians completely drop their superstitious beliefs in magic, superstition, Biblical errancy and God, I will say the following:

My Message to the New Christadelphians

There is absolutely no way that I can help you to bridge the gap between your present condition of belief, in which you accept all of modern scientific understanding in its entirety, but cling to the vestiges of faith based religious belief in the supernatural. Similarly it is doubtful that you could ever move my thinking back to a belief in the paranormal. We are here discussing matters and differences so finite that what matters is not the evidence, for we all share the same level of knowledge and evidence about these things. Rather the critical difference between us is how we process the data that we both access.

If I might be permitted to use a metaphor, it is as if Evolutionary Creationists and Christadelphian Atheists were two different web browsers, like for example Google Chrome and Firefox. The incoming digital data from the web for both browsers is identical. Nevertheless the two different browsers display the resulting web pages differently. Nevertheless one person might prefer the display of the one browser whilst another person might fancy the alternative.

I can't disprove the belief of an Evolutionary Creationist because not only do they have a horse (God) pulling the new tractor (Evolution) but to add to the difficulty, the horse is invisible. I can't disprove the existence of an invisible horse. There is no empirical evidence for God. Ultimately belief in God is based on hearsay evidence from the Bible.  Such evidence would not be admissible in a Court of Law because it cannot be tested or falsified. Evidence that cannot be tested or falsified proves nothing because we can't be certain beyond all reasonable doubt that it is true.

The evidence for Christadelphian Atheism is entirely composed of empirical evidence because that is the way that we process the data. We exclude hearsay evidence in the same way that the scientific method only accepts empirical evidence.

That does not mean that we are correct in our conclusions. By definition Atheists don't believe much at all; because we only believe what can be empirically proven to be true and that narrows the field down considerably. New Christadelphians still believe in a God that created our entire Universe and possibly the Multiverse. If the Multiverse really is infinite, as recent mathematics would suggest, that raises the question of whether even the God of the Hebrews could create something that is infinite. A Fideist would answer "yes" - but even a New Christadelphian might find that too big of a camel to swallow. It would be a camel of infinite size!  :)

New Christadelphians (AKA Evolutionary Creationists) are by their very nature inclined to flee from the company of religious Fideists and gravitate towards rational thinkers who follow the scientific method and think rationally. Even if such people are not religious, New Christadelphians are attracted to their way of thinking, if not their conclusions.

The reverse is also true. I and some other Christadelphian Atheists delight in the company of New Christadelphians, even if they do ban us from their frigging websites from time to time. The problem there is that we Christadelphian Atheists have an irreverent sense of humour that is prohibited to Theists because they are still concerned that they might be tortured and murdered at the judgement seat of Christ. We Christadelphian Atheists are no longer worried by such superstitious thinking as we are quite certain that there is not going to be a resurrection.

Therefore my dear Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists I want you to know how I propose to free you from the few remaining trace elements of superstitious, voodoo supernatural, paranormal belief in God that modern scientific method thinking and discovery has yet to shake out of your systems.

How to Deconvert a Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationist

My writing on this website, although powerless and superficially ineffective to convince you to change your minds per se, is nevertheless an example to you all that Christadelphian Atheists are not all empty headed Atheistic Fideists. Some of them are, but that is the way these things go. I want no truck with them just as I flee the company of Christadelphian Fideists. However as the numbers of Christadelphian Atheists continue to grow, it may be that by our very presence online and by our evident passion and conviction about what we believe, you may also gain the confidence that you need to re-examine your beliefs about the supernatural and if you feel it necessary, to adjust such beliefs to a state with which you feel more satisfied.

How to Reconvert John Bedson

For your part, if you New Christadelphians really do have a faith that can be demonstrated to be genuine by the scientific method and by reliance upon empirical data instead of Fideistic fantasy, (as Ken Gilmore claims); now is the time to show us what you have in the bag and produce your evidence for the fantastical claim that the God of the Jews has anything whatsoever to do with the creation of the Universe or Multiverse and that we can have confidence that he can save us from ultimate death.

Much as I delight in the company of New Christadelphians (and I think that you are the best of the best when it comes to Christadelphians) I have to say that my current frame of mind is that you are bluffing.

If you guys can make that thing fly then I assure you that I will be on that plane ahead of you and I will be travelling First Class. Your waffling about Evolution on a few blogs and websites in the backwaters of the web will be as nothing compared to the waves that I will cause and the huge amounts of money that I can and will spend publicising the news to the entire World that the designer of the Universe/Multiverse can be identified using the scientific method.

I have changed my mind once about my core beliefs back in 1985 and you just would not believe how easy it would be for me to reverse my decision. I have far more friends and relatives in the Christadelphians than ever I do in society at large. I spend more time writing on Christadelphian matters than almost any other Christadelphian. My booklets that I wrote thirty years ago promoting the Christadelphian faith are still available to be purchased online in the United States and I recently gave permission for them to be reprinted even though I think that the contents are BS.

Do you really think that a guy like that is going to have the slightest problem switching back to Christadelphianism? My mother and one of my sons and my daughter in law and almost all of my relatives are Christadelphians. I recently told Rob Hyndman that I'd attend the next special lecture at his ecclesia. I asked him about a Christadelphian Sunday School for my five year old! Does that sound like someone who won't listen to Christadelphian thinking?

But if you New Christadelphians are going to keep bluffing to someone who can easily outthink you and who can see straight through your charade and wafer thin facade of make-believe to the hollowed out vacuum inside; and if you want to ban me from websites when I ask questions that you can't and won't answer; then I am not going to fall over myself to follow Ken Gilmore's admonition to me to:

"Accept the possibility that your atheism may have been founded on emotion, non-rational reasons, and come to (the Christadelphians) humbly, willing to learn to see if the faith of your youth is indeed rational."

The Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists are Bluffing

The way I see things, Christadelphian academia is standing before me empty handed and with turned out pockets when it come to providing any form of sensible or rational evidence for the truth of the Bible or the existence of God. Such evidence is certainly not going to come from the Christadelphian Fideists or from the institutions of the religion who are mostly YECs like Hellawell or baffled and confused editors like Bramhill.

It is no longer an option for New Christadelphians to feed Evolution sprinkled with superstitious magic dust to Christadelphian undergraduates in the hope that they won't deconvert at university. Those young Christadelphians are reading this website where we achieve approximately one hundred and sixty thousand page views per year almost entirely from Christadelphians and most of them the younger generation. Every time I write an article I get thousands of readers. It is all tracked on our software. Those young people know perfectly well that I am making a direct challenge to Christadelphian academia to either prove their faith or shut up. They know that I am bypassing the intuitions of the religion that are now so unread, ill informed, leaderless, weak and talentless that they could not even prove that they got out of bed in the morning. 

If you can't do it, then admit to me that you are bluffing; as I know full well that you are. Abandon your pointless and meaningless family religion and join with me to take Christadelphianism where it has never been before; towards Ultimate Truth

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