A correspondent recently asked me how they could pluck up the courage to leave the Christadelphians.

My reply might be of interest to other Christadelphians who are contemplating resigning.

I replied that if they were trying to "pluck up the courage to leave" then they should stay in the Christadelphians and NOT leave. If it takes "courage" to leave, then the time for leaving has not yet arrived. When that time does come, leaving will be the most natural thing in the World and will not require "courage."

It's like a break-up with a partner or spouse. It can take years to finally arrive at the decision that you would be better to go your own way and leave the other party behind. It can be very painful; but "courage" is not what is required. It is "conviction" that is required. A person leaving the Christadelphians needs the conviction that it would be more painful to stay than to leave. If you reach that point, then no matter how painful leaving may be, you will not change your mind and return to whence you came.

As the creator of this blog, Corky, said to me three years ago: "They have to arrive at the decision to leave by themselves; it can't be hurried."

So take your time. There is no hurry. The longer it takes, the more science shows the error of faith based religions and the more Christadelphian predictions about the signs of the times are shown to be wrong. The longer you take to leave, the more the Christadelphians will drive you nuts with their funny old ways and eccentricities.

The other thing that runs through my mind is this: Is it really necessary for you to leave? All of the paranormal stuff that Christadelphians claim to believe is obviously not true. We never see any evidence whatsoever for paranormal activity whether it is Voodoo or Faith Healing, or Christadelphian beliefs or any such thing. It really is plain old fashioned human superstition. But The Christadelphians can be a nice social club for people to belong to and the membership cost of a few dollars in the collections each week is low. Most people in faith based religions are really there for the social side of it all and there is a sort of unwritten understanding the paranormal "beliefs" are optional so long as you keep your mouth shut.

There is no God, or Christ returning, or Kingdom coming, or answered payers, or any of the other magic and supernatural stuff. But the Christadelphian club is real. The love and support of brethren and sisters is real. The subsidised rates at the elderly at Christadelphian care homes are real. The tea and cakes at the fraternal gatherings are real, even if the dead boring lectures are also a sad reality.

Perhaps the boring lectures and empty exhortations are a small price to pay for the comfort that it all brings to your mind. I'm serious. Why not just switch your brain off and don't think too seriously about it all. Enjoy the benefits of the religion and go with the flow of the pleasant, self supporting group delusion. Most Christadelphians do that so why not be like them?

And what are you going to do in your old age if you leave the Christadelphians? Why put yourself through all that?

Most people don't think like John Bedson. They don't want to do the hard work of sorting out what is likely to be true or false. They want others to tell them what to believe and if they feel emotionally reassured by those people they will go along with whatever they are told. It could be Paul Billington rambling on to them, or John Hellawell, or the words of the Apostle Paul, or even a few years ago Mike Ashton telling them how to behave righteously. It makes no difference. If it all makes you feel warm and cosy inside then you need to stay in the religion for the rest of your life. Because you are going to find it impossible to cope out here in the real World.

I say what I have said before on this blog: 99.9% or more of Christadelphians should NOT leave. They should stay; because leaving will do them no good. If 0.1% of all Christadelphians leave because they seek something better that would make sixty brave souls and I doubt there are even that number.

So take your time. Nothing of the religion either makes sense or is true. But none of that really matters. There is no reason to leave what can sometimes be a very pleasant social club.

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