A Message For Modern Day Christadelphians - By Dr John Thomas

Christadelphian Founder Dr John Thomas 1805-1871
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"Must a man never progress? If he discovers an error in his premises, must he for ever hold to it for the sake of consistency? May such a calamity never befall me! Rather let me change every day, till I get it right at last." 

- From a letter written by John Thomas in 1848, quoted by Robert Roberts, in Dr. Thomas: His Life and Work

"Investigate everything you believe - if it is the truth it cannot be injured; if error, the sooner it is corrected the better. Never be afraid of results to which you may be driven by your investigations, as this will inevitably bias your mind and disqualify you to arrive at ultimate truth." 

- Elpis Israel

Editor's Note:

It is my firm conviction that were Dr Thomas alive today, he would not be a Christadelphian and he would not even be a Christian.

Although I have mixed feelings about the man, and I decry much of what he did, I nevertheless have boundless admiration for his efforts to uncover truth and to eschew his mistakes. He was not afraid to make progress by re-inventing both himself and his thinking over and over again.

He left his work to Robert Roberts who was quite the opposite sort of person and someone who did not possess the intellect of John Thomas. Roberts merely codified the beliefs of John Thomas at his death and froze them in time. He forgot that John Thomas was evolving his thinking right up to the days of his death. Had he lived till now, that evolution of thinking and of belief would surely have made enormous advances.

John would have noted the tremendous development of scientific understanding and archaeology that have removed all of the previous supports for Christianity and indeed of all religious belief. He would not have been afraid to develop his thinking in line with the progress of human understanding.

It's not clever of Christadelphians today to continue to defend the one hundred and sixty year old ideas of a founder who rejoiced in changing his mind as new information came along. A man who was a seeker of truth, not a holder of truth.

On the contrary: what the Christadelphians are doing today is simplistic, parochial, reactionary, unoriginal, uninventive, conservative, scientifically Luddite and quite frankly barmy.

If John Thomas was still alive today you would see two Johns running this website; John Bedson and John Thomas and we would both be Atheists.

If John Thomas were alive today he would be telling you what I am telling you now: The smart ones amongst you need to resign immediately. The rest will have to remain in that moribund religion until they pass away; because the shock of change will be too overwhelming for them.

I have picked up the fallen mantle of John Thomas and I am holding it up as a banner of reform to the Christadelphians. Robert Roberts did NOT pick it up and the Christadelphians for the past Century and a half have been too afraid to seize his mantle. Instead they have behaved like Pharisees, observing a law and rituals that have long since past their sell by date. The result is this meaningless, evidence lacking, irrelevant religion.

My message to you is the message of your founder; let us move forwards towards Ultimate Truth. That Ultimate Truth does NOT lie in the pages of the Bible.

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  1. Why do you spend time on something that you 'know' is pointless?

    Atheists lives are pointless... so says Atheism.

    If you believe in Atheism then there is no purpose to life. So why do you use up the little time you have left being consumed by something you say you have left behind?


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