A Piece Of My History Come Back To Haunt Me!

Written by John Bedson
 - Before I stopped being an idiot!
 I see that Detroit Christadelphian Book Supply have reprinted my complete range of "Lightstand" booklets that I first published in 1983, two years before I resigned. Here is a picture of the front cover of one that I wrote when I was a Christadelphian believer. They sold all around the World to Christadelphian ecclesias and I gave away huge numbers free of charge to UK Bible Campaigns and to other Christadelphian preaching efforts.

For the rest see: http://christadelphianbooks.com/category/93

The booklets are copyrighted by me, but I'm not going to enforce the copyright and ask the Christadelphians to stop selling them. They help to demonstrate that it is possible for a Christadelphian believer who is highly active in the faith, to come to his senses and reject the religion in its entirety; which I do.

I also produced a thirty minute 16mm film and VHS video "The Miracle Of Israel" which sold hundreds of copies globally. I don't even have a copy myself any more.

In one sense I am embarrassed that I was so daft as to produce such nonsensical material. But it is part of my life and my history, so I accept it.

I was half way through writing my last booklet "Science Proves the Bible True" in 1985 and I had purchased some archaeological replicas from the British Museum, (which I donated to the Christadelphian Bible Exhibition) when I finally gave up the struggle to defend my faith.

I came to the conclusion that science most certainly did not prove the Bible to be true. In fact it exposed the Bible for the fraud that it was. I realised that archaeology proved the Bible to be mostly a book of myth, legend and historical error. I accepted that modern Israel was not predicted in the Bible and that its re-emergence was a curious coincidence that was not envisaged by the prophets of the Bible.

I had to face the awful truth that I had run out of credible evidence for the existence of God and the validity of the Bible. I could write no more booklets and produce no further films, because the evidence simply wasn't there. The booklets and film that I had produced were worthless nonsense and I gave everything away to the Christadelphians free of charge to dispose of it.

Two years later brother John Brown from the Solihull ecclesia telephoned me to ask if I would waive the copyright and allow him to reprint "The Destiny Of Israel And The Future Of The World." When I refused he offered me a large sum of money to purchase the copyright. I said no.

Those booklets add weight to what I am doing on this website thirty years later. I was not an empty headed Christadelphian who fell out of the religion because he never understood it in the first place. I understood it better than most people on the planet. I spoke from Christadelphian platforms around the World.

But although it was my family religion I had the brains and the bold intuition to eventually work out for myself that the religion was totally false. It was a delusion unknowingly foisted upon me by my parents and relatives.

I lost my faith and gained my reason.

I remember my joy when I arose from the waters of baptism in October 1967. I thought that nothing would ever surpass that happiness. I was wrong. Because now I have my reason. Now my mind can soar free from Christadelphian shackles. Now am free to "seek the truth by which never man yet was harmed."

This is a trillion times better than that Christadelphian madness. No number known to man can calculate the inestimable joy of gaining your reason and losing that wretched manmade faith.

So you can keep publishing my Christadelphian booklets my beloved Christadelphian American brethren and sisters. And let everyone who reads them also read my words on this website where I ridicule and reject their contents as the immature ranting of the Christadelphian fool that was John Bedson before I came to my senses and resigned.

But I'll tell you all a strange thing: I think that it is better to have once had a faith and lost it to gain your reason, than to have never known a faith and to have taken your reason for granted. If I had never been a Christadelphian I would not have known the true value of my reason. I'm thankful that I endured the dark night of my Christadelphian years; because now I know how to appreciate the wonderful gift of a free mind.

I was a Christadelphian for about the same length of time that Nelson Mandela was a prisoner on Robin Island. I know how he feels when he contemplates his freedom. It is the best feeling that you could ever have.

So listen up you Christadelphian prisoners of a pointless manmade religion. If John Bedson can escape, so can you. I had to do it all alone and it was incredibly hard. But for you it will be easier, because you've got someone to follow. Corky and I have explained on this blog why the religion is a false. It's not rocket science; in fact it is all perfectly obvious when you read what we have written.

The hard part is to look objectively at both sides of the argument. I know that is incredibly difficult, bordering on the impossible, when you are a Christadelphian. It's hard because you don't have your reason. You think that you do, but you are oh so wrong!

You are going to have to think this thing out without your reason. Poor you. That is so hard. But we have done the reasoning for you and as you consider what we are saying it may be that we can jumpstart your reason into action.

If and when that happens, your faith will crumble to dust within a matter of days and your reason will flow full force, never to be imprisoned again.    


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