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John, where is your evidence that there isn't a God? Show me yours and ill show you mine. Except you have already seen it. Did you know that the prophecies in Daniel about the coming kingdoms were so accurate that for a while historians tried to prove it was written 300 years after it actually was? (They failed, no evidence) And did you know that the reforming of the state of Israel was predicted? No matter, lets just stick with the big bang. First, there was nothing. Then it exploded. Humans think they are so clever. Truth is, we know so very little. You can have your beliefs and ill have mine, but it would be prudent to at least keep your mind open, as, lets face it, you don't know everything.
John Bedson said...
You can’t prove a negative. I can’t “prove” that God, or the Loch Ness Monster, or Big Foot, or Zeus, or The Cracken, or fairies, or ghosts do not exist. But I can say that the evidence for the existence of all of the above seems to be rather ridiculous.
Only fundamentalist believers think that the book of Daniel was written before the time of Antiochus Epiphanes who ruled the Seleucid Empire from 175 BC until his death in 164 BC and who was a vicious enemy of the Jewish people. The book of Daniel is not found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and was not recognised as scripture at that time.
The “prophecies” about the return of Jews to Israel represent the longing for home of exiled Jews in Babylon. When freed by the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great, not only Jews but also dozens of other exiled people were also encouraged to return to their home countries. This might prove the existence of Cyrus the Great, but not the existence of God. The recent return of Jews to Israel is a coincidence of history. Far more Chinese have returned to China from the Chinese Diaspora over the past sixty years than Jews to Israel, but that also does not prove the existence of “God”.
It is preposterous to claim that the re-emergence of Israel proves to intelligent people in the Twenty First Century the existence of a God who created the Universe. Is that the best that he can come up with? Surely an appearance by Jesus at the podium of the United Nations, broadcast to the World by satellite TV would be more appropriate? Instead, the bloodthirsty Christadelphians prefer a genocidal attack by Christ on the “evil” nations of the World in which tens of millions will be slaughtered. See “Christendom Astray Chapter 11: “- taking vengeance on this unbelieving generation. The vengeance in relation to mankind as a whole will be destruction to the majority, and discipline to the remnant. Multitudes will perish by war and pestilence; multitudes more will fall victims to the fire which will descend…” and other Christadelphian crazy nonsense.
As for your comment “First, there was nothing. Then it exploded.” – Yes that is more or less how Quantum Physics works. Matter moves into and out of “The Void”. We can see it happening at places like CERN, which is a lot more than we can say about your invisible God. Soon Quantum Mechanics will be performing the calculations inside your computer. God will never power your computer, or anything else for that matter.
Your God is the “God of the gaps” in scientific understanding. Those gaps in our knowledge are rapidly being filled by the advancement of human knowledge and God is fading like a fog driven from our sight by the warmth and light of brilliant sunshine.
I still have my old teddy bear from when I was a very young child. Sixty years ago I loved my teddy bear and he brought me comfort from childish fears and concerns. But I now understand that my teddy bear never lived. The persona that I gave to him when I was a baby only existed in my childish imagination. My understanding matured and I moved on. Similarly, the persona of your God only exists inside your own mind. When you pray, you pray to yourself. No one else hears you, unless you pray aloud and another person listens. That is why prayer is never answered except by the occasional coincidence of events.
Anonymous, with all the respect in the World, I have to say that you are being too stupid for words when you believe in God and Christadelphian clap-trap; just like I was a complete ass to have believed all that stuff. Now my mind is free from Christadelphian bewitchment I feel superbly happy to have escaped the cult. But I also feel deeply ashamed that fell for it in the first place. I am disgusted with myself that I was so unutterably foolish to have been a Christadelphian and carried on the way I did and the way that you and all other Christadelphians do to this day.
That is why I write on this blog. I write for the few Christadelphians who will see the light, grasp the truth and emerge from the penetrating fog of Christadelphianism. But I warn them, that if and when they escape, like me, they will feel sick to the stomach that they behaved in such a dysfunctional manner when they were Christadelphians.
In my opinion, Christadelphianism is not “wrong” or “mistaken” it is much worse than that; like all religious belief, it is pure idiocy.


  1. Well said friend. I hope it makes a difference to "Anonymous", but reading what they wrote, they sound pretty desperate and lost, and not likely to start walking on their own yet. But one can hope can't they? :)

  2. Anonymous may not be in a mood to listen, but we have to write for those readers who are interested in what we are saying. My reply to anonymous is not really meant for him or her. It is written for those who seek truth and wo are starting to doubt the validity of their Christadelphian or Christian faith.

  3. are you sure Daniel is not found among the Dead Sea Manuscripts?

  4. I think that about 7 partial copies of Daniel were among the Dead Sea scrolls - along with fragments of another book written about the same time as the book of Daniel, 1 Enoch.

    I think John was thinking of the book of Esther.

  5. I was thinking about Esther, not Daniel. Thank you for correcting me.

  6. no problem. We idiots over here in Christendom, you know the one's who can't think in this the thinking man's age, realize that we are all fallen and make mistakes.

  7. Buddy: you are not "fallen." That is just Christian fantasy. If God made Adam and Eve and they “fell” then it is no different to the new vacuum cleaner that I purchased recently that went faulty fifteen minutes before I started to write this piece. I feel upset that I cannot continue to clean my carpets, but I blame the manufacturer, not the vacuum. It would be insane of me to condemn the vacuum cleaner to death and even more mad to condemn all similar vacuums to a life of suffering and death because my machine overheated and failed. Luckily I have a three year warranty on my vacuum, so I will return it for a repair and doubtless within a week I will be happily vacuuming my carpets with a fixed machine. If God made Adam and Eve incorrectly, then he is the manufacturer and he should stand the cost of the repair or redesign. God either accidentally designed Adam wrong, or he deliberately designed him wrong; there can’t be another reason for the disappointing outcome. But either way, the product failed and the manufacturer should face up to his responsibility and not blame his customers.

    Of course in reality there was no Adam and Eve, no God, no Garden of Eden (other than the one at Rashaya basin in Southern Lebanon, see: and the whole thing is merely a ridiculous, concocted story.

    There is nothing wrong with you Buddy. We all make mistakes. But you are certainly not “Fallen”. Quite the contrary; you are “Risen”. Your ancestors came out of Africa over one hundred thousand years ago, wiped out the Neanderthal people in The Middle East and Europe and spread throughout the planet. From that primitive, violent beginning we are slowly making progress to something better.


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