The Broad and Narrow Way

Jesus supposedly spoke of a broad path that leads to destruction and a narrow path that leads to life. Just look around you, then, as now, the broad path that most people follow is faith. Jesus tries to make faith sound like the narrow path but it's not - just look around you - at least 75% of Americans are Christians and that's a pretty broad path.

What then, is the narrow path that few people follow? It must be the opposite of faith - which is knowledge. It is demonstratively true that knowledge leads to a better life. Therefore, Jesus has it all backward about the narrow path being the path of faith but has it right about the narrow path being the one to follow.

It is said that faith is "the evidence of things not seen" and that's just what it is - no evidence. And, it's also that broad pathway that most people choose to follow in their lives because of a religious emotional appeal.

There is a choice; either follow the broad path of faith supported by no evidence or the narrow path of knowledge supported by all the evidence.

C'mon folks, it's the 21st century, the age of knowledge. The long ages of darkness and beliefs in demons and gods are over - open some other books besides the bible for a change and give yourself a chance at living your life free of superstition, free of religious dogma, free of religious con men who use you as merchandise. You will be glad you did, because that's using your brain instead of depending on your emotions to tell you what is the right path.       


  1. The "Broad path that leads to destruction" is the living as the world lives, it's the conformity to the things that the world does. It's the giving of yourself to the beliefs that the rest of the world believes in. The one that says, "abortion is ok".."premarital sex is ok".."drunkeness is ok".."homosexuality is ok." These are all things that when you engage in them, can lead to your destruction or the destruction of another. The world believes these things are ok and engages in such acts willfully. It's a broad path, meaning wide, and "many be that go therein." The "Narrow path leads to life" is the path wherein people are not conformed or have the same belief system the rest of the world follows. The one that says, "abortion is murder".."homosexuality is an abomination".."drunkeness is for fools".."premarital sex leads to unwanted babies and diseases spread to many." and "few be that go therein." Most people believe as the world believes but the few refuse to follow with them. I hope this helps you understand the truth of the word of God.

  2. In the world I live in (the United States of America). 75% of the population of that world is CHRISTIAN!

    Of course, I understand that that fact has very little to do with "the word of God".

  3. I’m taken aback how well this blog is written and organized. Well done!

  4. Corky your logic as usual is appalling. Forget your obsession with the Christadelphians, get on your knees, repent of your sins and ask for the Holy Spirit and you will not have to guess anymore.


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